Smart Cat Food Dish

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The number one problem with most food dishes is that they allow cats to eat too much food - it's hard to guess the right portion size for your cat. This leads to problems with feline obesity and "fat cats".

The Tiger Diner fixes all that with a design that challenges cats to fetch out their own food! They'll eat only as much as they need, so there's less waste and less overeating.

The Tiger Diner provides a healthy and natural way to feed your cat. Cats can reach into the dome and capture kibble one at a time which aids in digestion and helps stop stomach upsets due to eating too fast. It can also help chubby kitties moderate their eating habits. 

Features and Benefits:
*Cats eat less - saves money on food bills
*Challenging activity appeals to the natural love of hunting
*Funnel shaped bowl is easy to load and automatically distributes food as needed
*Makes cats eat at a healthier speed, while stimulating them, mentally and physically
*Rubber feet keep dish in place
*Easy setup and cleanup - dishwasher safe 


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