Pond Kleer 1lt

Product Code: 5050


Water clarifier for goldfish ponds and tanks. Will clear green cloudiness from cold water tanks and ponds.
Destroys the algae which causes the green and brings the water through the brownish hue to clarify. If water is heavily contaminated, the process may take 2 - 5 days. Should the water turn yellow, it must be changed immediately, as this indicates the water temperature may be too high and has caused algae decomposition with subsequent fouling of the water.
All forms of algae are stimulated by bright sunlight. Care should be taken to place cold water tanks away from windows or other bright places.
Pond Kleer will sterilize and destroy all algae in suspension, which will be precipitated to the bottom of the water, but where the sides are heavily coated, dead algae should be scraped away.
Other forms of cloudiness:

  • Brown cloudiness: caused by dirt and excess food that's decomposed
  • White cloudiness: oxygen content is too low and carbon dioxide is too high. Can be caused by overcrowding fish, dead fish, snails, or other decomposing matter or even, dissolving rocks.

  • PK may be repeatedly used, provided that the water has been allowed to clarify on each occasion. If cloudiness persists, seek advice from a pond expert.

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