Pet Food

At D&D Pet Foods we make a great range of fresh and cooked pet food as well as smoked and dried pet treats for your pet.

Why fresh is best!

D&D Pet Foods’ Premium pet food contains a higher quantity of digestible food than supermarket pet food brands. Therefore, you feed your pet smaller quantities on a premium diet than you would on a supermarket pet food. This is because the quality of the food is that much greater, as your dog can actually digest a higher percentage of premium pet food. 

D&D petfoods fresh ingredients

The added benefit of this is less in... less out, and it generally results in a more solid, near-odourless faeces.

Pet food diets with a high vegetable content tend to have lower digestibility factor for dogs because of their indigestible fibre content, whereas the digestibility of meat-based diets is usually very high.

The quality of D&D’s premium pet food is high with regards to the “meat” used as the number one ingredient. In many supermarket brands you tend to get “meat-by-products” as the number one ingredient, or even a non-meat based product.

D&D petfoods cooked dog food