Herm Sprenger Check Chains - 2.5mm

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Sprenger Check Chains

Sophisticated production techniques, consistent quality control, superb craftsmanship and the highest quality raw materials make Herm. Sprenger German chain products superior. Made of Durable high quality chrome plated Steel for beauty and long life, all rings and swivels are stamped with HS-Germany, Germany or HS to ensure you have the real thing!

A properly fitted choke chain is very important in training.

Features & Benefits:

1 Year Guarantee against break if used as directed
Mirror Finished Surface for optimal rust prevention
Special Wire Quality
Process-bound supervision of the welding
Documented Quality Control

Fitting the dog collar:

It should be the size of the dogs neck plus 2 inches.
If your choke chain goes over your dogs head a little snug that’s alright because most breeds of dog have a larger head than neck.
To put the choke chain on right drop the chain through either ring and make the letter P of the alphabet.
Looking at the letter P you have made slip it over your dogs head.
With your dog on your left hand side if you pull on the leash and release- the choke chain should also release the tension on the dogs neck

Available in 3 sizes:




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