Advance Puppy Plus - Rehydratable 8kg

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A complete and balanced diet containing nutrients for optimised growth & brain development.  Designed for toy, small & medium breed puppies.  Has small highly absorbent kibble that may be soaked prior to feeding making it ideal for weaning.

Advance Pet Food is proudly made in Australia.

Small, highly absorbend kibble that may be soaked prior to feeding makes it ideal for weaning.  Carefully controlled calcium to phosphorus ratio for proper bone and teeth development.  Added colostrum to help protect the developing gut.  Ideal for gestation and lactation feeding.

The Key Benefits of Advance Rehydratable:

  • Nutrifibre - a patented combination of soluble and insoluble fibre that acts as a prebiotic and selectively promotes healthy bacteria (bifidobacteria, lactobacilius) in the gut resulting in fewer, firmer stools.
  • Skin and Coat Health - a patented combination of zinc and linolect acid that has scientifically been shown to improve coat health, lustre and softness.
  • Antioxidants - Advance contains a unique blend of vitamin C, vitamin E, taurine and lycopene.  These ingredients have been proven to increase the level of antioxidants in your pet. Antioxidants are essential for the animals natural defences and to protect its cells.
  • Bovine Colostrum - Advance with colostrum to help minimise the risk of diarrhoea in young animals during stressful times such as weaning and re-housing, while at the same time helping to maintain a healthy gastro-intestinal tract.
  • Reproduction - this diet formulated for the most demanding life stage of a gestating and lactating bitch.  A feeding study has indicated feeding Advance during reproduction produced larger litter sizes.
  • Optimised Brain Development - Advance Puppy Plus contains enhanced levels of DHA and Choline for optimised brain development, making it the intellegent food of choice for alert puppies.



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