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DOG ROCKS are an all Australian natural product that are safe for all of your pets, young and old. DOG ROCKS will start improving your lawn within 5 weeks. DOG ROCKS need to be replaced every 2 months to ensure your pets do the job of looking after your lush lawn. To be placed into no more than 2 litres of water.

Dog rocks are a mineralised rock which when placed in a dog’s water bowl changes the Nitrogen levels of a dog’s urine, meaning it won’t stain grass.

Many dog owners complain that their grass has been permanently stained or burned by their dog’s urine.  There are a variety of products in the market that try to stop dogs urinating on grass, but Dogrocks is the first that stops urine actually staining grass.


The key element in Dog Rocks is Zeolite, which neutralises Nitrogen levels without altering the pH level of the water.  This is important as a change in pH level can affect a dog’s health.


Dog Rocks have been extensively tested on a variety of puppies and mature dogs, and the product has proven to be safe and effective every time.



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