Apple Cider Vinegar

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Apple Cider Vinegar has been used to treat ailments for centuries. This wonderful old-timers remedy, reportedly has

been used to treat more ailments than most other remedies. Apple Cider Vinegar is excellent for both Dogs, Cats and

Horses. It helps them with arthritic conditions, controls flies, and gives a beautiful shine to their coats!


The reported cures from supplementing Apple Cider Vinegar in the diet are numerous. They include cures for allergies,

acid reflux, sore throats, and arthritis, to name a few.  Apple Cider Vinegar is claimed to have Anti Fungal and

Anti Bacterial.  It has also been reported that a daily dose of Apple Cider Vinegar has blood issues under control in

as short a time period as two weeks!  Added acetic acid increases the acid content to a percentage of 8%.

The increased acid content balances the pH levels in the digestive system.


Thiamine (Vitamin B1) has a role in promoting carbohydrate metabolism providing increased energy.

Vitamin B1 also has a role in nerve function. Some claim it calms animals.

Whilst others claim it aids in heart and muscle function.


Apple Cider Vinegar continues to be a popular feed supplement for Horses.

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